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GE99 turns Five!

GE99 celebrates five years with a little cake here and there in the near future.

When I started the company in 2014, I had no idea it could hold. Sure I hoped and sure enough I got mentors and tried to learn. But now, five years later, I am both surprised and grateful to be able to continue as an entrepreneur indefinitely for as long as I have the health and customers want.

Working with sustainability feels meaningful and fun. I always try to take it down to earth when I meet a new customer, a new management team or, for that matter, a sports association that is my latest customer. Sustainability is not complicated. If you are only willing to take responsibility for your business, there is just as much to do.

And the best part: Sustainability work is profitable! Both for the planet and for the business! Thanks to the Board, all mentors, consultants and office colleagues but mainly to all CUSTOMERS!


With the starting point from Karlskrona we can now on one charge take us either to Västervik, Jönköping, Halmstad or Malmö. With the new BMW i3, 250 km is a realistic range compared to my old i3 who took me about 100 km. The batteries has developed and it feels really good to drive to the customer without emitting a single gram of CO2. Want to know more about electric cars versus gasoline and diesel cars? See the movie (4.30) “How climate-smart is it to drive an electric car?” From Bil Sweden (Only in Swedish though 🙂

Sustainability workshop at BBI

Thank You Anna at Blekinge Business Incubator (BBI) for the invitation to your workshop on sustainable future for BBI. I am impressed by the four BTH students’ drive in the issue and how they facilitate several workshops on the subject. The methodology is taken from BTH’s master’s program for Strategic Leadership for Sustainability, which attracts students from all over the world. In the picture we see Anna from BBI, Peter from New Zealand, Michael from Ghana, Tuba from Turkey and Sierra from the USA. Many thanks to all of you for valuable insights!

Mentor of the Year in Blekinge (Nyföretagarcentrum)

Thank You to my adepts Simon and Emil at Stumbly who nominated me for the Mentor of the Year at Nyföretagarcentrum Blekinge! It has been fun to act mentor to two such positive and driven young engineers and I have learned a lot during the journey. I wish You all the best and take good care of you! On the picture Jonas Bommeskär, Nyföretagarcentrum, and I. I am he with the diploma 🙂

Climate compensation by GE99

Our climate footprint in Sweden is high. 2 tons more than the world citizen in average. And 6 tons more than we should have. So: we need to contribute all of us to reduce climate gases. Here is my contribution as a self employed consultant: I almost always drive an electric car but sometimes borrow a plug-in hybrid for longer trips. Sometimes I fly to Stockholm. For this kind of travelling that aren’t fossil free I buy climate compensation via The money goes to planting trees and energy projects in developing countries. This is how I think: If I can do this, other companies could do the same thing.

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Yes to Sustainability Reporting from 250 employees

The magazine Aktuell Hållbarhet interviewed me about the criteria of the Sustainability Act: “It is important that Swedish companies do not get higher burdens compared to other EU countries. But in this case, it is a light burden that can boost business competitiveness while contributing to a sustainable development.” Therefore, I can accept a higher requirement (250 employees) than the EU directive says (500 employees). The entire article can be found in Aktuell Hållbarhet No. 2 2018.

GE99 now offers education in CSR and sustainability

We have finally found a concept for SME companies (and associations) to develop their sustainability work in a simple way. Through our collaboration with we can offer both a digital tool and education who can make the customer feel safer to communicate CSR and sustainability to their stakeholders.

The education is a short course divided into two 4 hour sessions and includes part as “Create your sustainability profile”, “Be more safe to communicate sustainability” and “Show your sustainability work with”.

A license to is included for the first year. (Only in Swedish for now but hopefully in English in the future).

Contact GE99 for more information.

Education: To integrate ISO 26000 into your management system

On the 3rd of October I participated in the course at the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS): “To integrate ISO 26000 into your management system”. A valueable course where we looked upon ISO 9001, 14001 and how to integrate the standard for social responsibility ISO 26000 into management system for quality and environment. I have studied ISO 26000 at university and even worked with customers with it but I still missed this perspective. It is refreshing to educate yourself now and then – you may never stop being curious!

GE99 – an ambassador for

The seal for responsible companies.

– I have been looking for a digital tool which supports me to work with sustainability, even as a small enterprise. Now I’ve found it:

– The tool is so good that I am now an AMBASSADOR for in the Southern of Sweden.

– A small company can work with sustainability and produce a sustainability report that meet the demands from the large customers.