• Your Sustainability Partner

    GE99 can help you from the start with a Sustainability Policy, Materiality Analysis and Sustainability Reporting according to GRI Standards.
  • The world needs good enterprises!

    "A company is a part of the society. Its business affects people and environment. To be a responsible company is a win for both the company and the society." Johnny Gylling
  • Follow the principles of Global Compact

    The UN principles Global Compact urges all companies to respect human rights, labour conditions, the environment and to stand up against corruption.

Good gets Better with CSR *

Today it is not enough to be good at what you do. Customers expects their suppliers to act ethically and responsibly. Students are looking for companies that are sustainable, both for the economy, the environment and the society. Investors move away from irresponsible companies. Employees gets twice as proud when the company both has happy customers and takes a social responsibility.

CSR is a success factor. A good company gets even better with CSR!

GE99 wishes to support your company on the road to be perceived by employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders as the good company with a great social responsibility. Contact GE99 for a first meeting!

*) CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and is usually translated as the voluntary responsibility a company shows for the society

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