GE99 turns Five!

GE99 celebrates five years with a little cake here and there in the near future.

When I started the company in 2014, I had no idea it could hold. Sure I hoped and sure enough I got mentors and tried to learn. But now, five years later, I am both surprised and grateful to be able to continue as an entrepreneur indefinitely for as long as I have the health and customers want.

Working with sustainability feels meaningful and fun. I always try to take it down to earth when I meet a new customer, a new management team or, for that matter, a sports association that is my latest customer. Sustainability is not complicated. If you are only willing to take responsibility for your business, there is just as much to do.

And the best part: Sustainability work is profitable! Both for the planet and for the business! Thanks to the Board, all mentors, consultants and office colleagues but mainly to all CUSTOMERS!